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What is Katari?

Katari is a Java based software platform that will help you develop web applications faster. It was born as an internal project at Globant where was successfully used for dozens of projects. We are opening it to the community and make it freely available under the Apache Software License 2.0.

Important links:

  • 0.22-SNAPSHOT - Maven generated site for the current development version.
  • Subversion repository The current development sources. For read only access use:
    • user: guest
    • password: guest


How does it work?

Katari is built upon the most well known open source frameworks:

  • Spring
  • Spring-mvc
  • Hibernate
  • Acegi security (now Spring security)
  • Freemarker
  • Sitemesh

But you don't have to spend a week or more properly integrating and configuring them. With Katari you get a sample application up and running in a couple of minutes.

You can get started in Katari with the help of the provided maven archetype (yes, it uses Maven). The getting started guide will give you instructions on how to start with Katari. Visit for more information.


Katari has been developed with the help of many people:

  • Juan Pereyra.
  • Emiliano Arango.
  • Jessica Ricci.
  • Pablo Saavedra.
  • Gerardo Bercovich.
  • Mariano Nardi.
  • Roman Cunci.

If you want to collaborate or get in touch with the dev team, you can contact pablo.grana (